Flint Hills - John Morrison

Flint Hills

The Kansas Flint Hills, formed by the erosion of Permian-age limestones and shales, extend from Marshall County, in the north, to Cowley County, in the south, and are known as the Osage Hills in Oklahoma. Named for the embedded bands of chert, or flint, the Flint Hills region is one of the last great preserves of tallgrass prairie in the country. —Kansas Geological Survey


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Coyne Creek Road

Coyne Creek Road

Coyne Creek is a spring-fed branch in western Chase County, flowing into the Cottonwood River near Clements. At both ends of Coyne Creek Road are signs reading “Minimum maintenance - travel at your own risk.” The road crosses the creek at several fords like the one shown. June 26, 2016.

creekfordCoyne Creekroad