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If you cannot visit my Wichita studio, I will be glad to fulfill your order for unframed prints and ship within the U.S. To get started, call (316-214-7566) or email me with the image you are interested in.

General Information

The following prices are base prices for unframed prints on paper, and are subject to change and correction.  Since I personally print every image, I can print almost any size you require, at prices that are proportional to those on this page. Contact me with specific size questions, and for information on framed items and possible canvas treatments.

Panoramic Format Unframed Prints on Paper

Most of my panoramic images are proportioned 1-to-3. That is, the width is three times the height. The price for some common sizes is given in the following table. A few panoramic images with a different proportion are priced similarly.

Traditional Format Unframed Prints on Paper

Most of these images, whether in horizontal or vertical format, are proportioned 2-to-3. That is, the width of most of my horizontal format images is one and one-half times the height. The price for some common sizes is given in the following table.

Image size Price
24x72 $680
20x60 $530
18x54 $480
16x48 $420
14x42 $350
12x36 $280
11x33 $240
10x30 $210
8x24 $140
7x21 $90
Image size Price
30x45 $550
24x36 $420
22x33 $380
20x30 $340
16x24 $230
14x21 $175
12x18 $130
10x15 $90
8x12 $60
7x10 $40


I charge my cost to pack and ship (FedEx Ground). If it is not practical to ship your print flat, I'll print on an appropriate paper and ship rolled.


Whenever possible, I choose an acid-free paper, with either a matte or semi-gloss surface, depending on the nature of the image. My matte paper choice is usually Museo Portfolio Rag or Canson Infinity Rag Photographique. My semi-gloss choice is usually Museo Silver Rag. These are all-cotton papers with no optical brightening agents that can exhibit yellowing over time. Most of my canvas prints are made on Torino 17M, a cotton-polyester blend canvas.


My current printer is a Canon PRO-4000, that uses twelve separate pigment inks. According to industry tests, print longevities on the order of 70 to 100 years are expected with the media I use.

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