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As you have probably experienced, seeing a photograph on a computer monitor, or worse, on a smartphone, is nothing like seeing an actual print. At my studio in Wichita, Kansas I always have 30-40 framed photos, dozens of unframed photos, and several portolios for examination. It's conveniently located in Wichita's Old Town. I'm usually there during business hours, but to be safe, just call my cell (316-214-7566). Unless I'm out of town, I'll accommodate your schedule, evenings and weekends included.

Prairie Vistas Gallery

Prairie Vistas Gallery

3236 E Douglas, Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67208

Parking in Old Town is free. You can use the Rock Island entrance (short stair to dock-level) or the Mead entrance (wheelchair-accessible ramp).

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